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Mr. Job Morris
San Youth Network

Morris is a strong advocate of social justice, indigenous people’s movement, San youth, education and general issues that concern the San. He is a hands-on, inquiry-based academic and development practitioner. His professional interests focus on developing San Youth Network, let it flourish and make meaningful impact to the San youth and San in general. The SYNet is a youth based organization that is dedicated to the pursuit of transformation of San youth to realize their potentials and become active participants in the San peoples discourse. Its vision, as stated thus: TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE ALL SAN YOUTH THRIVE is an important pillar on which he holds true and endeavor to fulfil.

Mr. Xukuri Xukuri
Vice Chairman
San Youth Network

Mr. Xukuri has numerous achievements in Ghanzi District. He is a man worthy and simple to work with who has a spirited dedication to his work. He is recognized with a number of different academic certifications and a proud Naro speaker who is exemplary to many youth in and around the country. He is an experienced international exchange professional who is dedicated to pursue indigenous peoples discourse. He is a Co-founder of San Youth Network and has the thirst to impact the San youth positively.

Ms. Orelebile Kebeilwe
San Youth Network

In recognition to Kebeilwe’s aptitude and previous academic achievements, as well as her foresight, coming from a location far from developments that can aide her to meritoriously to achieve her goals, she remains amongst the few San women to have a degree in Human Resources Management. Herself, a speaker and native of Naro dialect, is optimistic that her academic achievements are and will not be only for her self-development but her preparations to pave a way for others from the same background. Kebeilwe approaches her work with the seriousness and commitment to do very well and this is why she joined San Youth Network to leave a mark as a legacy that can change San youth lives.

Mr. Reginald B. Camm
San Youth Network

Mr. Camm is a dedicated development practitioner who excels in implementing tasks and duties that are apt to his qualifications. He is business minded and has developed the agenda to assist the San youth towards business ideas to ensure socio-economic empowerment. He is well organized and dedicated to San youth discourse. He joined San Youth Network to ensure that all San youth that he meets should be impacted in a way that is positive.

Ms. Lesedi Karnels
San Youth Network

Ms. Lesedi Qubi Karnels is from the village called D’Kar in Ghanzi District. She is a young lady, native to Naro language and she is dedicated to assist San youth in their holistic development. Karnels has tremendous intellectual abilities, maturity, and creativity. She is a superb individual, and an intellect, who has excellent analytical skills. She is well-organized, highly motivated, and has a fine ability to identify crucial problems and then is able to assess them in methodologically sophisticated ways. She is part of San Youth Network to in order to collaborate with different people and learn from that process as an effort to impact the San youth positively.

On May 2011, the idea of San Youth Network was conceived with the aim to advance the needs and interests of the San youth in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

On 17 th of March 2017 that it was officially registered in Botswana to become a platform for which San youth of different dialects can freely advocate and share educational opportunities with each other.

We have six main goals that shape our existence known as, Education for the San youth, Health matters, promotion of health and healthy living among the San, advocating for the rights of the San, employment creation and climate change.

We are alive to the rapidly changing trends of the society and the implications of this change on the society.

We strive to advocate for social inclusion, social justice, health issues and access to quality education.

This creates a strong and sensitive means to enable an environment that helps San youth to display common interests and desires of how they aspire to change the status-quo and to become respected peoples in the society.

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