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What we do

What we do

Avail opportunities for Education, i.e., Training
Hold workshops and conferences
Empower San groups about political issues.
Develop entrepreneurship interventions.
Enter-exchange programmes locally, regionally and internationally.
Establish grounds to dialogue with Government for socio-economic, political and environmental development of San communities,
Involvement in climate change movements,
Advocate for the rights of the San, particularly, land, equal opportunities and education,
Advocate for redress of past injustices committed to the San,
Make the affirmative action effective and efficient,
Continued advocacy for issues of discrimination rather than reactive advocacy,
Awareness campaigns for the recognition of San rights,
Establishment of San culture groups to advocate through theatre.
Gender issues among the San women
Identify prominent Youth to establish dialogue with legislation to convey their feelings by themselves.
Travel and visit schools to sensitize the marginalized students about politics.
Advocacy on language policy for schools
Avail opportunities for the Youth to attend regional conference about marginalized communities.
Conducting outreach programmes to San settlements
Create an enabling environment to endorse a consolidated voice through seminar
Engage in meetings and functions to help influence policy.
Organise events for inter-generational exchange on social issues
Take part in environmental justice interventions.
Impart communities on the impacts of climate change.
Take part in global climate change movement.
Develop initiatives to preserve and conserve environment
Tree planting campaigns.
Educate San communities on Healthy living
TB, Diabetes and HIV/AIDS campaigns
Distribution and safe use of protection campaigns, i.e., condoms
Educate on food and nutrition

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